MicroID Specification, Version 0.3


This specification defines the semantics of MicroID, a lightweight identity technology that enables the creation of a portable identity token from any two Uniform Resource Identifiers. Continue reading “microid”

Updated Internet-Draft

Based on some feedback we received from Evan Prodromou on the discussion list back in August, we have updated the MicroID Internet-Draft. The new version is draft-miller-microid-01 and it is available both at microid.org and ietf.org.

MicroID Module for Drupal

Via Terrell Russell, news of a MicroID module for Drupal

I’ve been working with Tane Piper over the last couple days over IRC tweaking his improvements to his Drupal MicroID module (getting it Version .3 compatible).

He has implemented node-level and comment-level MicroIDs that appear both in the meta tags of the page and are then rendered into the node divs and comment divs directly via jQuery.

The jQuery is fired via javascript after the DOM is loaded, so currently, DOM-unaware spiders/parsers will not be able to see the node and comment-level MicroIDs. That said, I’m not aware of any MicroID parsers that aren’t working only at the page level (full URL, not sub-content *on* the page).

Additionally, the Drupal-generated user profile pages have MicroIDs.

His implementation is live on his site – Digital Spaghetti.

His code can be found on the Drupal site – Drupal MicroID module.

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